Darja Kragić Kok (MSc)

Environmental Engineer


Sustainable sanitation for less developed countries, biogas production from waste and wastewaters, participatory approaches in sanitation technology selection, environmental capacity building


Darja Kragic Kok graduated in 2002 from the University of Belgrade in Serbia as a biochemical engineer. In 2005 she finished the MSc programme in Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University, the Netherlands specializing in environmental technology. She joined LeAF in 2006 and is currently involved in international projects on wastewater management and environmental capacity building in South East Asia, Africa and the Balkan region.


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  • Kragic, D., van Buuren, J. and Trang, T.T.T. 2005. Evaluation of industrial wastewater treatment in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Paper was presented at the international conference in Ho Chi Minh City “Environmental Management of Urban and Industrial Infrastructure in Asia” and published in the conference proceedings.