Els Schuman (MSc)

Environmental Engineer specialisation micropollutants/laboratory testing


Laboratory tests, anaerobic technology, fate of pharmaceutical residues in wastewater, removal of micropollutants in wastewater treatment plants, modelling using BioWin


Els Schuman has a Master in Environmental Sciences with as specialization Environmental Technology. Her master thesis covered research on the biodegradation of pharmaceuticals in wastewater from decentralized sanitation systems. After graduating at Wageningen University in 2008, she became employed at LeAF where she specializedin the topic of micropollutants and also in setting up and performing laboratory tests.


  • STOWA rapportage 2018-46: Zoetwaterfabriek awzi De Groote Lucht: pilotonderzoek ozonisatie en zandfiltratie
  • STOWA rapportage 2018-02: PACAS poederkooldosering in actiefslib voor verwijdering van microverontreinigingen
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  • Kujawa-Roeleveld, K., Schuman, E. (2008) Biodegradability of selected pharmaceuticals Deliverable of EU SWITCH project. http://switchurbanwater.lboro.ac.uk/