Grietje Zeeman (Prof.)

Senior consultant


New Public Sanitation, anaerobic digestion of complex industrial waste waters, anaerobic digestion of low and high concentrated sewage, hydrolysis of suspended and colloidal solids during anaerobic digestion of slurries and solid waste, on-site treatment of wastewater.


Prof. Dr. Grietje Zeeman, has more than 35 years of experience in R&D and application projects in the field of treatment of waste, wastewater and sanitation, with a specialisation in “New Sanitation” and anaerobic treatment. She works since 1997 with LeAF BV,  a spin-off company of Wageningen University. LeAF BV is an independent research and consultancy organisation that implements its knowledge, expertise and research facilities in the area of treatment and purification of solid and liquid residues (waste-water) and in the recovery and reuse of water, energy, nutrients and other valuable resources. “New Sanitation” is one of the important topics.

Since October 2016, she is emeritus professor “New Sanitation” at the department of Environmental Technology of Wageningen University and Research (WUR-ETE), where she worked since 1980.

She initiated projects on “New Sanitation”, aimed at recovery of energy, organics, nutrients and water, from 1999 onwards. As an initiator and project leader of a large, EET-STOWA subsidized, project “DeSaR-phase-1”, she was able to develop and demonstrate that “New Sanitation” is a feasible alternative for conventional sanitation concepts. As a result of the scientific, technological research the “New Sanitation” concept was developed and applied in a new housing estate of 32 houses, in Sneek, The Netherlands since 2006. The developed concept is now applied in full scale at 4 locations in The Netherlands, viz. a new housing estate of 250 houses and 3 office buildings. A project for 550 houses in Amsterdam is under construction and several new projects are under development, in The Netherlands and abroad.

She was and is (co) promotor of many PhD students and published ca 200 peer reviewed papers. Her work aims at further improvement of “New Sanitation” concepts and included technologies, for a more efficient and safe recovery of water, organics, nutrients and energy.

Grietje Zeeman is frequently asked as advisor for application of “New Sanitation” projects and as key note speaker at scientific conferences. Moreover she was/is in the organising committee and scientific board of many scientific international conferences.  

Selection of recent publications on “New Sanitation”

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