Previous Lettinga Award Winners

The Lettinga Award was initiated in 2001 and subsequently has been awarded for seven times now.

Overview of previous pricewinners
Year Project By
2017 Dark photosynthesis: anaerobic biosynthesis of food from wastewater and electricity David Strik, Mathijs van der Zwart & Cees Buisman (WUR)
2015 “Closing cycles with a biogas powered milk chilling solution for East African smallholder farmers”. SimGas BV
2013 Adding value to Anaerobic Digestion technology by production of biobased materials (biocement and fertilizer) and methane enriched biogas using alkaline silicate minerals Shiva Salek
2010 Bio-Electrochemically upgrading the CO2 and H2S fractions of biogas: increasing the efficiency and adding value to Anaerobic Digestion tech-nology Shelley Brown-Malker, Rene Rozendal, Damien Batstone, Paul Jensen, Cristian Picioreanu, Korneel Rabaey and Jurg Keller
2007 Immobilization of redox mediators in nanostructures for the anaerobic treatment of industrial wastewaters Dr. Francisco J. (Paco) Cervantes
2004 A new anaerobic technology for efficient mineralization of lipids / LCFA Dr. Madalena Alves
2001 Anaerobic Granular Sludge Bed Technology Web Pages Dr. Jim A. Field and Dr. Reyes Sierra